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Designs and Products

Does this item come in any other colors or styles?
When adding a new design, we select colors and styles based on customer input, inventory available, and what will look best. Options are limited to a set number so that we can offer you a quality item at a low price.

All currently available colors and styles are shown on the product page. Please check back frequently for new designs and color options.
Does this item come in child sizes or larger sizes?
All available sizes are shown on the product pages. Some colors and products are not produced in all sizes, so we are unable to offer them. We try to offer the largest size selection possible for each design.
What size should I order? How do the sizes run?
Our size charts (linked on each product page) provide measurements of our products so you can pick the best fit. If you need to, we suggest measuring a t-shirt that fits you well as a starting point.
Do you have a size chart for children?
Yes, approximate retail sizes for children are included in our Size Chart information.
Are your sizes for men or ladies?
Items not specifically marked as Mens or Ladies are considered to be unisex. See our Size Charts for measurements.
Where are your t-shirts manufactured?
We typically use Gildan cotton products. Visit their website for more information on their policies.
Can I get a printed sample of the shirt I want to order?
No, unfortunately. Because we are a print-to-order company, most designs do not print until all customer orders are collected, so no printed samples are available. However, we can send you a blank t-shirt sample to assist with quality questions and sizing. Contact us for more information.
Can I change the words in the design? Can I leave part of the design off?
Designs are prepared as shown only, including both images and words. Any alteration would consist of a new design development.
I don't see this design on the website now, can I place an order?
Since we are a print-to-order company, we only offer designs for a limited time. If you do not see a design online and the advertised deadline has passed, we may have shelved that design.

Sign up for email or visit our website frequently for design availability.
Can I re-order a previous design?
We are a print-to-order company, so we do not keep inventory on previously offered designs. Once the deadline has passed, we may promote some designs again, but there is no guarantee.

If you have a minimum order of at least 500 pieces, we can set up a special print just for you. Contact us for more information.
Will this design be offered again? When?
We sometimes re-offer previous designs, but there is no guarantee. Many factors are considered in the decision, including, but not limited to: demand, inventory, production schedule, upcoming promotions, etc.

Sign up for email or visit our website frequently for design availability.
Why don't you offer designs for...?
Depending on customer demand, we try to offer as many design options as possible. Feel free to email us or send a message on Facebook or Twitter to give us your suggestions for occupations we have missed.

Printed Personalization

What are my options for printed personalization?
Use the Personalization "Help" link on any product page to see the personalization information for that design. The Personalization Details page also has general information.
Can I choose a different personalization style or location?
Personalization is printed only as advertised. To help keep prices low, we streamline as much as possible, which includes using a consistent placement for personalization.
Can I combine personalization locations and ink colors?
No, only one printed personalization type can be used per order. Please place a separate order for a different design with a different personalization style, placement, or color.
Can I combine different printed designs?
Only if unpersonalized, or if the designs have the same personalization style, location, and ink color. Check the Personalization "Help" link on each product page to see how it is personalized.
Do I have to order all the same size?
No, you can mix and match sizes of the same design.
Can I personalize an order with less than 12 shirts?
We do allow personalization on smaller orders, but due to film and screen costs, an additional $20 screen charge applies. This charge will be added in your shopping cart when applicable.

Embroidery Personalization

What are my options for embroidered personalization?
Use the Personalization "Help" link on any product page to see the personalization information for that design.
Can I choose a different embroidered personalization style or location?
Personalization is embroidered only as advertised. To help keep prices low, we streamline as much as possible, which includes using a consistent placement for personalization.
Can I combine embroidery personalization locations and thread colors?
Yes. In most cases, mixing embroidery styles is fine with up to 3 designs allowed per order.
Can I combine different embroidered designs?
Yes, in most cases you can mix up to 3 personalized embroidered designs in the same order. If your selected designs have different character limits for personalization, the smallest limit will apply to your order.
Can I personalize an order with less than 12 embroidered shirts?
Yes. There is no minimum required for personalization on embroidered items.

Ordering & Shipping

When will I receive my shirts?
Most featured designs specify a date for shipping on the product page. If no date is shown, expected delivery time will be three to four weeks.

If you order multiple designs, the entire order will be shipped together after the last shipment date.
Why is the shipping time so long?
To keep our prices low, we print-to-order and do not keep inventory. We offer a pre-print ordering window, then compile all orders to produce on a specified print date.

Please check the product page for the design you are interested in to see when it will ship. If no date is given, please allow three to four weeks.
How much does shipping cost?
View our shipping chart for delivery costs based on total purchase price.
Why do I pay now instead of when my order ships?
Because we print-to-order, the items you purchase are reserved for you immediately when your order is placed, then printed to your specification according to our production schedule. This allows us to keep our prices low, as we produce only items that have been paid for.
Do I get a discount for large orders?
Most apparel items that are not on sale offer quantity discounts starting at 12 or more items. The first 3 price tiers will be shown on the pricing under the item image, if available. Any additional discounts for larger quantities will be automatically applied in your cart when the minimum is met.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
We collect sales tax on shipments to states where required by that state's laws.

Tax Exemption: You can select if your organization is Tax Exempt at checkout. The order must be under the name of the organization, and we will need a copy of your organization's tax exempt certificate to keep on file. Once these requirements are met, tax paid will be refunded.
How can I pay for my order?
Online Orders: We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express credit cards online, as well as PayPal and purchase orders.

Phone Orders: We accept credit cards, checking account payments, money orders, and purchase orders on telephone orders.
How do I use my purchase order?
Purchase Orders are accepted for Schools, Local Governments, and pre-approved organizations ONLY. If qualified, please select the method of payment as Purchase Order in the checkout when placing your order online.

For your order to be processed, we require a copy of your purchase order to be on file with us. After your order is placed, you will receive an email with instructions on submitting your PO.

Your PO must be sent and approved before the item deadline date.

Please read the requirements carefully and submit your PO promptly to avoid delays on your order.

The PO must display ALL of the following:
1. The Organization (Business or School) Name
2. PO Number
3. PO Date
4. Billing and Shipping Addresses
5. Phone and Fax Numbers
6. Vendor Name: EarthDayShirts
7. Order Total (including shipping, handling and taxes if applicable)
9. Printed Name for each signature

If your Purchase Order is approved, terms for payment will be Net 30.
Where do I find my promotion code?
A promo code (or offer code) is included in all of our mailings - both postal mail and email. See Promotion Code Help if you need hints on where to look.
How long do items stay in my shopping cart?
If you are not logged in, we cannot guarantee that anything will stay after you close your browser. Deleting cookies will empty your cart.

If you are logged in while shopping, your cart items will be saved for you. Log back into your account if you have been gone for more than 20 minutes to access your saved cart items.
Is online ordering safe?
Our website uses strong encryption to protect your personal information. Read our User Policy for all safety and privacy information.
Can I send in an order by mail?
Online or phone ordering is highly recommended for up-to-date design availability and pricing. Call customer service for approval before sending any orders by mail.

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Do you offer a quality guarantee?
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can work with you to resolve the problem.
What is your return policy?
If we have made a mistake, please contact us within 10 days after receiving your items to resolve the problem. Read more about returning items.
Can I exchange my shirt for another size?
If we made a mistake and sent the wrong size, exchanges can usually be done if we are notified within 10 days after receiving your items. Please see our return policy for more information.
Can I exchange personalized shirts?
Because of the personalization, we are unable to restock and therefore ask that you try to sell it to someone else who didn't get one and order another in the right size. Please see our return policy for more information.

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We gladly accept photographs of customers wearing our shirts! Send us your photo, and we may show it on our Happy Customers page.
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